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Fall Gamechangers

I'm an Instagram and Facebook marketer's dream.  I actually click on ads and buy products on the spot.  If you know me personally, I've probably insisted you try a certain hair, clothing or beauty product at some point.  

When I started this blog, I decided not to shoot photos of myself using or wearing things.  This is about sharing favorite things and life advice, not photos of me curling my hair or applying a face mask.   You'll just have to trust that the things I'm recommending work for me and they might work for you, too.  

So here we go!  A few of my favorite gamechangers:

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizing Styler:  Hands down, this is my #1 gamechanger.  I have thick, wavy hair that takes a while to dry but also is naturally fluffy.  I've legitimately considered moving to Denver just for the dry weather and good hair days.  This is the best things since the invention of DryBar.  It's insane for a smooth, fast, professional-looking blow-dry in just minutes at home.  Pro tip: air dry or rough dry (fingers and blowdryer) your hair first to get it about half way dry, then use this.  You can use this straight from wet hair, but it's faster and gentler on your hair to do it when it's about 50-70% dry.  It gets hot so use a heat protectant like this one.  It's also amazing for travel - one item instead of two - and it's great for touch ups.  Spritz a bit of water on your hair and give it a few passes to freshen up second or third day hair.  A few of my friends also have this and swear by it.  

Mott & Bow: these jeans are available online only and their claim is that you get expensive jeans for a more attainable price ($98-$128).  They ship you two sizes and you return the one that doesn't fit the best.  They are super high quality and they fit like a dream.  Perfect for fall and boot season.  Pro tip: get your jeans tailored.  My waist is smaller in proportion to my hips and thighs, so that means if jeans fit my legs, they're a bit big in my waist.  I have them taken in in the waist which does two things - keeps them high and tight so I don't have to constantly tug them up and also they dart them above each back pocket which enhances my white girl booty.   Heeeeeeey.  

Heist Tights: OMG yes.  These tights are absolutely worth the price and easily the best tights I've ever owned.  Living in NYC I wear tights all fall and winter because I love the look of dresses with tights and booties.  Tights are usually the worst - they roll and cut into your waist, they get itchy and taking them off at the end of the day is the best feeling ever.  Not these.  I could (and do!) wear them all day and night and don't even notice them.  It almost feels like wearing the sheerest pair of your favorite yoga pants all day.  Trust.  

And it wouldn't be a true advice piece if I didn't share a few product fails.  These are products I bought that I don't love.  This $50 shower cap is really hard to put on and messes up my hair when I'm trying to fit it over a fresh blowout for a quick shower.  The Sleep Styler is supposed to help your hair dry and style while you sleep.  I won't even go into what a complete fail it was for me and one of my best friends who also didn't like it.  

Happy Fall, y'all!  


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