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Let's Talk About Your Hands

Let's Talk About Your Hands

When you think about aging, you probably don’t think about your hands unless you’re over 40.   The truth is, your hands show age faster and more easily than any other part of your body.  This is for 2 reasons:

1)   they’re rarely covered - gloves maybe a few times a year, at best

2)   we don’t think about protecting them with sunscreen

I remember years ago my mom showed me the backs of her hands side-by-side.  One hand was protected from the Florida sun each weekend with a golf glove and the other wasn’t.  The unprotected hand looked 20 years older than the protected hand.  Wow.

One of my favorite Chinese proverbs reads “The best time to plan a tree is 100 years ago.  The second best time is today.”  So even if you have neglected your hands your entire life, starting today you can change things.

1)   Morning // Protect:  every morning, before I run out the door, I put a pea sized dab of sunscreen on the back of one hand, then rub the backs of my hands together – don’t forget your fingers.  I’m funny and don’t like the feeling of lotions on my palms, so this takes care of that.  It’s super fast and once you add it into your routine – like moisturizing your face – it becomes mindless.   I like this one from Beautycounter, but I don’t care what you use.  Just use something.  Even if you’re not perfect but you remember to do this 5 out of 7 days, that’s 70% better than nothing. 

2)   Nighttime // Correct: thank goodness for modern technology, you can treat the age spots and crepey skin that come from sun damage.  At night, give your hands a little love.  I like to start with a dark spot removing cream like this one from Goldbond.    And then slather the backs of your hands with moisturizer. 

3)   Bundle: If you are a simple girl (I’m a product junkie – the more the better!) then you can also double up with this Clinique Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream each morning which gives you both SPF and dark spot correction.  I don’t do this because I want higher SPF during the day, but this is a fantastic option.   But still moisturize at night.

That’s it!  Trust me when I say you don’t notice your hands today and you will obsess over them in 20 years.  Do this for your future self. 

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