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Gamechanger: The Power of Affirming the Life You Want

Gamechanger: The Power of Affirming the Life You Want

You know how you feel amazing when you get a good night of sleep, but sometimes you stay up super late watching TV or mindlessly scrolling on social media? Then you beat yourself up the next day when you’re dragging? That’s how I feel about consistency with my daily affirmations. When I write down affirmations each day, my life is on FIRE. And yet sometimes I’ll go weeks without writing them down. And during those weeks, I feel less energized, clear and peaceful. It’s funny how we know something has proven consistently to improve our lives and we still fight it or ignore it.

For those of you who are new to affirmations, I’m really excited to introduce you to them. They are statements you write down or say (I prefer to write them) daily. The statements are said as if they are facts and they create the vision that you have for your day, week, month, year and even your life. They can be incredibly specific or more broad. Let me give you an example of some affirmations that I recently wrote down while listening to a podcast that I love:

  • I am safe and I am always always taken care of

  • I have everything that I need right here, right in this moment

  • I am worthy of everything that I desire 

  • The Universe is always conspiring on my behalf and always wants the best for me

  • By doing my own work, shining brightly and elevating my frequency I am inspiring others to do the same

  • I am always, 100% supported, held and have the right resources at the right time

Specific affirmations might look like:

  • My body craves healthy, whole foods and exercise - I am getting stronger and healthier every day

  • I value my relationship with my mother and live this value by calling her twice a week

  • Good sleep is a core element of my wellness and mindfulness; I go to bed each night by 10 pm and stop using technology by 9 pm

  • I am excited to meet my next boyfriend and bring openness, optimism and curiosity to dating and love

  • I treat money with respect and have a personal financial plan; I will have $10K in savings by the end of the year

How is this different than goal setting? Because you’re speaking these things as if they already are truths. Because there is pure MAGIC in the daily practice of writing or saying out loud the vision you have for your life. The beauty of affirmations are they don’t have to be things you want, they can be things you currently have or do as a way to remain consistent. For instance, the sleep affirmation is an important one for me because one of my go-to’s is to numb out on hours of really bad reality TV and stay up too late watching my shows. I need a daily reminder about the importance and impact of sleep on my holistic wellbeing.

When I write down my affirmations, I physically feel my breath slow and deepen, my heart slow and my mind calm. It’s magical.

As we go into 2019, so many of us are thinking about the year ahead and setting personal goals - health and wellness, travel, financial, love and relationships. Try writing down 10 affirmations daily for the month of January. They can be anything that comes to your mind and heart. They’re private and only for you so get as specific, personal or bold as you want. I promise, your year will start with an explosion of abundance, positivity, good energy and more opportunities than you imagine possible.

Buy a gorgeous journal to bring a little extra motivation to this practice. I’m joining you in this commitment.

Are we friends on social media? Let’s be. :) Facebook and Instagram here. I’m even into LinkedIn. See you here, there and everywhere. xx

Listen to the podcast here!

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