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What I Learned In My First Year of Blogging

What I Learned In My First Year of Blogging

A year ago, when I launched this blog, I really didn't know what I was doing or what it would become. For the record, I still don't. But I do know this year has been one of the most meaningful, heartfelt and vulnerable years of my life and it's because of this blog (and now podcast). To celebrate 1 year of blogging, I want to share a few things I've learned so far:

Vulnerability Gets Easier With Practice: I've shared some STUFF on this blog and podcast. Like that time on my podcast when I admitted that I think I'm hard to love. Or the time I explained how Sips got its name (whoa). At the beginning, I would stay awake at night thinking about vulnerable things I shared on the blog and have mini panic attacks. But after a year of going pretty deep, I don't sweat it. What once would have made my heart race is now just another day of being honest and open. It feels so good to be vulnerable.

Hidden Talents Exist: Before this blog, I had no idea that I was a good writer or how much I loved writing. I didn't write other than for work and didn't ever think of myself as a writer. What a fun surprise to uncover a hidden passion and talent at 40! Next time you hear that little voice telling you to try something, give it a shot! 

Creating Is FUN: I've never thought of myself as a creative type at all. In fact, I've thought of myself as the opposite of an artist or creative. Creating Sips and watching it grow has taught me that any of us can be creatives and creators. Is there something you want to create? Do it. 

If It's Not A Clear and Easy Yes, It's a No: I have one rule with my blog posts and podcasts: if they don't flow out of me easily with minimal thought or edits, I don't do them. All of my blog posts are one draft with small edits and my podcasts are one recording with no edits. If I have to try too hard to share a message or articulate something, I ditch it immediately. This doesn't mean I give up when things get hard, it means I quickly identify what feels right versus what feels forced. I've taken this lesson into my life in general and I love it. It's an easy yes, or it's a confident no. No middle ground. 

I Don't Need To Know The Destination To Enjoy The Journey: I'm often asked what my goal is with the blog and podcast. No idea. I don't need an endgame with this. It's the most present and in-the-moment I've been with anything in my life.  

Thank you all for reading and listening and being part of this. The support and encouragement has been incredible and makes me feel like my life is meaningful. Year 2 - here we go! 

New Podcast Episode: Don't Try Hard. Try Easy.

New Podcast Episode: Don't Try Hard. Try Easy.