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Brand Love: Basic Invite + Baby Showers (Yes...Baby Showers)

Brand Love: Basic Invite + Baby Showers (Yes...Baby Showers)

You guys. It’s baby shower/wedding/housewarming season. Holy cow. The invites keep coming in and I secretly (and not-so-secretly) love it. There’s something so special about celebrating the people in my life. Even though I don’t have kids, I sort of love baby showers. Don’t laugh! I was a nanny for like 5 years when I was in college. I love kids. I also love that baby showers are always around brunch time and involve mimosas and quiche…

Anyways, I’m a little bit brand-obsessed and I’m really excited by brands that are doing things better, faster, smarter and easier. Every once in a while on Sips, I like to share brands I’ve discovered (check out my Favorite Things tab). I share a lot of them in my email newsletter - everything from my favorite mushroom tea to my hairdryer - but I thought it could be fun to do a blog post from time to time as well. Even I need an occasional break from the inspirational posts and life advice.

The brand I recently discovered is called Basic Invite. It’s an online invitation and card brand that is super easy to use and the cards are so nice. Also, there’s something really cool about getting a card in the mail these days when so much is emailed. The thing that really seems to set them apart is the number of color options. You can basically edit any part of an invite with 180 color choices. It’s truly custom. It’s also one of the only online card brands that ships you a final print of your actual card design to make sure you like it before you order them all. That’s pretty sweet. Before I found this brand, I could only approve things with a digital version and not touch and feel it. And they have foil cards (swoon).

For my mama friends, you definitely need to check out their baby shower invites. Let’s not get feisty, this girl doesn’t need to have any little ones, but I let out a little “awwwwww” looking at the cute designs. They even have couples baby shower invitations, unisex baby shower invitations and little man baby shower invitations (bowties and mustaches!).

Bonus: you can share a link with anyone you want to invite to your event and they can add their address for you. Basic Invite not only prints the addresses on your envelopes for free, but they also store them for future. Super helpful for people like me who regularly ask their immediate family members for their mailing addresses (I’m looking at you, big brother).

They have a great promo right now for 15% off and you can have your cards within 5 days. Use this code: 15FF51.

Check them out on social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter.

Happy celebrating and please invite me to your party - I’ll bring the quiche.

What Got You Here Won't Get You There

What Got You Here Won't Get You There