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Are You Bringing "No" Energy to a "Yes" Party?

Are You Bringing "No" Energy to a "Yes" Party?

Let’s get real with each other. Have you ever brought “no” energy to a “yes” party? Do you even know what this means? What on earth am I talking about?

Haha! Hear me out. There’s this thing we sometimes do (me included) that is a lose/lose for everyone. We say yes to something, but we mean no and we bring allll that no energy to this yes party. You’ve done it. I’ve done it. You’ve had someone do it to you. It blows. Nobody wins. And we all need to agree to stop doing it.

It’s either a happy yes, or a confident no. But what it’s NOT is an angry yes.

Some examples:

  • You’re team member asks to take a week of vacation during a very busy time for the company. You approve the time off, then make that person feel guilty about it every day until and through the vacation.

  • Your husband says he really wants to spend your anniversary weekend at his favorite football team’s playoff game in Greenbay Wisconsin. You agree then pout and complain the entire weekend and give him the silent treatment intermittently just to bring home the fact that you’re not happy.

  • You agree to go to a friend-of-a-friends-cousin’s birthday brunch an hour away on a Sunday when you really want to spend the day going to the gym, running errands and getting a massage. You go and are annoyed the entire time.

You feel me? We all get tossed yes/no decisions every day. Big, small, impactful, no big deal. Most of the time the answer is easy - a quick yes or a quick no. But sometimes we feel guilty saying no. Maybe you don’t want your employee to be upset or you don’t want to seem like you’re not a team player or you feel the need to fill any amount of free time with commitments so you overbook your schedule then resent it.

So let’s all agree now to stop doing this. I’m joining you in this commitment. It’s annoying for everyone. Lead with confidence and communication, not fear. Don't be afraid to say no. And if you do say yes to something, your JOB is to really get behind that “yes” and bring your best energy. You choose the yes. Choose the energy to go with it.

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